POA Announcements


Newest Neighbors×

We would love to share information about the newest neighbors on the mountain. Please send your biographical information to Jimmie Anne Haisley at

Address Changes×

We have been informed that we must revisit all of the street numbers for the current cabins. This is an important issue for many reasons. We are primarily concerned about the ability of 911 to respond to emergencies. We want to ensure that the emergency center has the correct address in their database. To further ensure this procedures, we are in the process of developing a prototype signage that will more easily allow first responders to locate your cabin in an emergency. Information will be sent directly to your primary address located in our database. Please keep us informed if you change your primary mailing address by e-mailing Jimmie Anne Haisley at


The dumpster at the main entrance is provided for the use of Callalantee Mountain Resort Property Owners only. It is also intended for household garbage and NOT COMMERCIAL waste. If you see someone dumping waste such as large boxes and small refrigerators that does not appear to be household garbage, please challenge and instruct them to take their waste to the waste collection station on Hwy. 67 by the Corrections Facility.


As the weather gets better and many of you will be sprucing up your home sites, for fire safety, remember to remove the fallen leaves from around your cabins. Impact Fees: The board also voted to assess new home construction a $1,500 impact fee. The money will be set aside for the road maintenance. Effective Tennessee Law regarding Mercury Disposal, click here.


Front Gate

Private Code – To enter the Front Gate using an owner’s code, press# plus the 4-digit code. The gates will open. This code will open the gates 24/7 and should be kept private. Please do not give out our owner’s code to contractors or visitors. Consider it the same as you would the code to disarm the security system in your home.

Call Option – The “Call” feature on the keypad can be used to have an owner open the gates remotely if the owner has a phone number in the system. Use the buttons labeled “A” and “Z” to find the owner’s name. Use the “A” button to scroll up the list and the “Z” button to scroll down the list of owners. When the owner’s name is desplayed, press the “CALL” button. When the owner answers, announce your presence at the gate and request entry. The owner presses the appropriate button (see document mailed to owner) on their home phone, the call is disconnected and the gates open.

Emergency Entrance – If there is an emergency that requires an ambulance, police, or fire truck to respond, they have a specified code to open the gates themselves.

Rear Gate:

Private Code – To enter the Rear Gate using an owner’s code, press the 4-digit code. This keypad only requires the 4-digit code to open the gates without using the # sign. This code will open the gates 24/7 and should be kept private. Please do not give out your owner’s code to contractors or visitors.

Call Option – There is no Call Option at this gate. only a keypad.

Security – We recommend changing your personal code periodically for security reasons. To add, delete or change a code, contact Diane Saelinger or Bruce Boyett. To obtain a remote key FOB, contact Bruce Boyett.

By-Laws Enforement×

We have provided a copy of the Covenants and By-Laws on this web site. Thom McKeag was voted Chairman of the Covenant/By-Laws Committee at our last meeting. This committee will be responsible for enforcement of these existing documents and re-writing sections that are either outdated or not clearly written. As you know, any changes to either document requires 2/3 approval or 86 votes, so we have no plans to change anything without majority approval. If you would like to serve on this committee, please notify one of the board members.

Community Wells×

If you are on one of the four community wells, you should have received a letter from your Well Manager stating the new ownership and the monthly charge of $20. There is a cost associated with pumping water out of the ground and I’ve personally seen electric bills for one well that was around $140 for one month. If you do the quick math you will see it would take seven people on that well to break even. If you are not paying your fair share, your manager, who is also your neighbor has to pay it. Please be a good and responsible neighbor and pay your monthly water bill.

Information Concerning Radon×

Click here to view document.